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Zoran Ulama was born in Podgorica, on 16th October, 1963.

He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic; Primary and secondary education acquired in Bar and Podgorica. He went through the postgraduate studies, course: Contemporary Constitutionality- European Constitutional Law by his Master's thesis defence on the topic 'Limitations and Derogations of Human Rights in International Documents and Legislation of Montenegro' under way. In the period from February 1985 to February 2006, he worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In that period he performed duties of many responsible positions and tasks, ranging
from training and work in the Special Anti-Terrorism Unit, spending many years of work in the State Security Service, the Directorate for Protection of Persons as the Head of Department for Security of the President of the Republic, the Department for Special Purposes in the State Security Service,Chief of Police Security Center in Budva, Security Counselor to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Chief of the Police Security Department in Cetinje. Thereupon he served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and Montenegro in Belgrade, at the position of the Minister Plenipotentiary of Foreign Affairs as a Deputy Head of Service for Investigation and Documentation (SID) until the 05 June, 2006, the date of separating the Union of Serbia and Montenegro. 
 Until February 2008, he served as the Chief of the Police Security Center in Niksic.

During his long-term service in the Ministry of Interior he had received many awards including the '13th of May award' on the occasion of celebration of the “Day of State Security”, as well as a medal for bravery upon collective awarding the Unit that he was engaged in.

 By the decision of the Government of Montenegro in February 2009,  he was appointed:

 - Head of Office for the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings,

At the same time:

 - He is the Head of the Working Group for the fight against trafficking in human beings in charge of monitoring the implementation of the National Strategy for combating trafficking in human beings and supporting Action plans.

- President of the Coordination Team for monitoring the implementation of the Memorandum on Cooperation between State institutions and NGO sector in combating human trafficking.

- Member to the Working Group for Preparation of Negotiations on Accession of Montenegro to the European Union in the area of the EU acquis relating Negotiation chapter 24 –Justice, Freedom and Security.

- Lecturer to the Human Resources Management Authority on the subject: „Raising Awareness on the Phenomenon of Human Trafficking at the Local Level“

- He successfully completed a number of specialized courses and advanced training:  International Visitor Leadership Program organized by Department of State, USA, November 2009; Act 296 Combating Trafficking in Human Beings course, Turkish Training Centre, October 2013;  as well as other various educational seminars in organization of the OSCE Mission in Montenegro.

He passed the State exam for working in State authorities. He has a good command of English; Also, he is a long-time athlete and expert in one of martial arts. 

He is married to Dušanka and he is a father of three children. 

Among other things it should highlight his participation in international and regional conferences as well as successful completion of a number of  professional training as follows:

July 2009- Professional training in the organization of the Croatian Office for human rights;  Zagreb, Croatia

November 2009 - Professional training in organization of State Department, USA

September 2010- Regional conference “Human trafficking- worldwide problem- region response”; Miločer, Montenegro

October 2010- Conference entitled “Multidisciplinary approach in prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings, prosecution of traffickers and protection of victims”; Brussels, Belgium

March 2011- Transnational conference on “Enhancing Transnational Cooperation on Trafficking cases in South-Eastern Europe”; Budapest, Hungary

June 2011- Alliance against Trafficking in Persons, organized by OSCE; Vienna, Austria

July 2011- Professional training conducted by TAIEX; Prague, Czech Republic

October 2011- Expert seminar on Leveraging Anti-money Laundering Regimes to Human Trafficking; Vienna, Austria

April 2012- International conference “European Union legislation in the field of Human Trafficking and organized crime”; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

April 2012- Professional training in organization of Turkish agency for International Cooperation and Development and the OSCE mission in Montenegro; Ankara, Turkey

May 2012- Professional training in the organization of International Organization for Migration and policy development; Vienna-Austria and Bratislava-Slovakia

July 2012- Professional training within the Twining Project IPA 2009 “Strengthening the capacities of Police Directorate”; Baden- Virtemberg, Germany

October 2012- Alliance against Trafficking in human beings, organized by OSCE; Vienna, Austria

October 2012- International conference: Criminal-justice response to the problem of trafficking in human beings in South-Eastern Europe; Belgrade, Serbia

October 2012- International conference “Together against Trafficking in Human Beings: Further steps”; Brussels, Belgium

December 2012- International conference “Making prevention work: Addressing the root causes of Human Trafficking in Europe”; Sofia, Bulgaria

December 2012- International conference “Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings- latest happenings, European Union standards, International cooperation and State members experiences”; Vienna, Austria

April 2013 – International conferenceStrengthening multidisciplinary operational cooperation to fight trafficking in human beings“, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

June 2013 – International conference “Strengthening the OSCE response to human trafficking“, Kyiv, Ukraine

June2013– XIII High-level OSCE Alliance against Trafficking in Persons: „Stolen lives, stolen money: The Price of Modern-Day Slavery“, Vienna, Austria

September 2013- Seminary dedicated to the implementation of Directive 2011/36/EU in preventing and combating human trafficking and protection of victims, Saraevo B&H

October 2013- Seminary on the topic 'Combating trafficking in human beings in the process of accession to the EU - exchange of experiences'

October 2013- Vocational training 'Combating human trafficking', Training Centre Partnership for Peace, Ankara, Turkey

November 2013-Regional Conference dedicated to the issues of human trafficking and prostitution 'Swedish and Balkan experience', Zagreb, Croatia

December 2013-  Conference on the topic 'Strengthening criminal justice response in relation to human trafficking in the countries of SE Europe – fight against the abuse of internet and strengthening cross-border investigations', Cishinau, Moldova

February, 2014- Conference 'Together against human trafficking', OSCE, Council of Europe, Vienna, Austria

March, 2014- Conference 'New types of the Eurpoean partnership and cooperation in the prevention and fight against human trafficking', Brussels, Belgium

October, 2014-  Conference of the State Parties to the UN Convention on combating transnational organized crime, Vienna, Austria

November, 2014- Professional training 'International Visitor Leadership Program' organized by Department of State, USA

May, 2015- Expert Group meeting on the topic 'Fight against illicit drug trafficking and transnational organized crime', UNODC, Zagreb, Croatia

May, 2015-  Conference ' Usage of Joint Investigation Teams (JIT) in Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in the Western Balkans at the Local Level (JIT THB WB)', Portorož, Slovenia

May, 2015-Police Experts Meeting on Fighting Organized Crime with a Focus on Trafficking in Human Beings and Irregular Migration,  Belgrade, Serbia

June, 2015-The Meeting of the Informal EU Network of National Rapporteurs or Equivalent Mechanisms (NREMs) on Traffciking in Human Beings , Brussels, Belgium

June, 2015-  Professional training on the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings, Hungary

Jule, 2015- 15. Alliance against Trafficking in Persons Conference: 'People at risk: combating human trafficking along migration routes'  Vienna, Austria

December, 2015- Regional Seminary on topic: 'Promoting the protection of the rights of victims of trafficking in human beings'

June, 2016- Conference on implementing the EU legislation in the framework of Chapter 24 ' Justice, Freedom and Security' with a special focus on combating human trafficking and smuggling of migrants', Skopje, Macedonia

June, 2016 – Conference on the ocassion of launching a project  'Combating human trafficking along migration routes', OSCE, Vicenza, Italy

June, 2016- Meeting of National Coordinators on strengthening national coordination and international cooperation in the fight against trafficking in human beings, Council of Europe, Strsbourg, France

September, 2016- Conference: ' Preventing Trafficking in Human Beings for Labour Exploitation in Supply Chains' , Berlin, Germany


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